12 January, 2024

Celebrating language and learning at Secondary English Support

We are thrilled to introduce you to the heart of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, the English Support Centre. In Secondary, English Support proudly hosts students from eight different countries, each bringing their unique languages and backgrounds to our vibrant community. The English Support Centre plays a pivotal role in ensuring that these students seamlessly integrate into our full curriculum.

Our purpose is to offer tailored support to our English language learners. Through various listening, speaking, reading, and writing tasks, we aim to help students build confidence in their English proficiency. We recognize that language acquisition can be a challenging journey, but it is one we embrace with enthusiasm.

Di Franchesco Teacher

One unique feature of our approach is the use of translanguaging, where students can leverage their native languages to aid their English learning. We understand that multilingualism is an asset, and we encourage students to use this valuable resource.

In addition to academics, we foster an inclusive environment where students can express themselves, learn from each other's cultures, and form lasting friendships. Our English Support Centre not only helps students master English but also helps them feel at home in our diverse and welcoming community.

We are proud to champion diversity and language learning at our school, and the English Support Center exemplifies our commitment to every student's success.

Christina DiFrancesco
Coordinator of Secondary English Support