In compliance with articles 15, 16, and other applicable provisions of the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares (the "Law") in force in Mexico, we inform you of the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy of Personal Data ("Privacy Policy") of "GREENGATES SCHOOL", S.C. ("GREENGATES SCHOOL"), acting as the controller of your personal data, with address located at: Avenida Circunvalación Poniente 102, Colonia Balcones de San Mateo, Naucalpan, Estado de México, Postal Codigo Postal 53200, and registered under the Federal Taxpayers Registry; therefore, the applicable jurisdiction in the event of any controversy, litigation, or claim, regardless of whether you are located in a country other than Mexico, by accessing and contracting any of our educational services, you expressly agree to submit to Mexican laws and competent courts of the State of Mexico.


“GREENGATES SCHOOL" is committed to protecting the privacy of its members, including applicants, students, graduates, management staff, teaching staff, administrative staff, and those who have any kind of relationship with it, primarily parents and guardians, through legitimate, controlled, and informed processing, in order to guarantee their privacy, as well as the right to informational self-determination and to safeguard the provided information. The school establishes internal guidelines that ensure the integrity of the information in order to prevent damage, loss, destruction, theft, misplacement, alteration, as well as unauthorized processing of personal data.


a)    Personal Data

Personal data is understood as any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person. This includes personal data related to students, information concerning suppliers or any other external individuals with whom "GREENGATES SCHOOL" has a relationship, and personal data of management, teaching, and administrative staff.


By accessing and using the website, whose electronic address is, and in the corresponding section titled 'Privacy Policy,' hereinafter referred to as 'THE WEBSITE,' owned by GREENGATES SCHOOL, you (THE HOLDER) declare that you understand and accept the terms and conditions contained in this Notice, and expressly declare and grant your acceptance and consent using electronic means, in accordance with the provisions of Article 1803 of the Código Civil Federal.

  1. If THE HOLDER does not fully and unconditionally accept the terms and conditions of this Notice, they must refrain from sharing any type of information with GREENGATES SCHOOL through any means, including its website.
  2. If THE HOLDER continues to use GREENGATES SCHOOL's website, whether in whole or in part, such action shall be considered as their absolute and express acceptance of the terms and conditions stipulated herein.
  3. The mere use of GREENGATES SCHOOL's website grants the user the status of holder (hereinafter referred to as 'THE HOLDER' or 'THE HOLDERS') and implies full and unconditional acceptance of each and every one of the general and particular conditions included in this Privacy Policy in the version published by GREENGATES SCHOOL at the very moment THE HOLDER accesses to the mention page.

We want to inform you that it is of our particular interest to take care of the personal information of minors and persons under guardianship or with different capacities, in accordance with the law, by establishing specific measures, such as:


‚óŹ      The implementation and maintenance of stricter security measures to ensure the confidentiality of minors and this group of individuals.

The personal data obtained through the aforementioned means are:


  1. General student information: Full name, place and date of birth, age, gender, nationality, CURP (Clave Única de Registro de Población), address, home and/or cell phone number, previous school, current grade, and desired grade of entry.
  2. Student medical information: Blood type, specific ailments, general health status, medical history, administered vaccines, psychological or psychiatric information, allergies or chronic conditions, or information about the attending physician.
  3. Parent, guardian, or tutor information: Full name, profession, marital status, address, home, cell, and work phone numbers, occupation, position, employer's name, denomination, or business name, employer's address, Tax Identification Number (RFC), email address, copy of official photo identification, proof of address, financial information such as income, properties, bank accounts, how they learned about the school, total number of children and their genders, as well as video recording upon entry to the premises through security cameras.


b) Sensitive Personal Data

Sensitive personal data are considered to be those personal data that affect the most intimate sphere of the data subject, or whose improper use could give rise to discrimination or pose a serious risk to them. In particular, sensitive data are those that may reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical, and moral beliefs, union membership, political opinions, and/or sexual preferences.


c) Purpose and Processing of Personal Information

The purposes that give rise to the legal relationship and are necessary for the following purposes:

  1. Confirming your identity and contact information;
  2. Locating you to communicate and execute actions related to educational services;
  3. Carrying out the evaluation, improvement, administration, procurement, and granting of all services offered by "GREENGATES SCHOOL";
  4. Performing all activities necessary for academic and extracurricular development and contributing to the comprehensive education of students;
  5. Evaluating and reporting academic and extracurricular performances;
  6. Granting financial support and/or scholarships, if applicable;
  7. Requesting personal references;
  8. Verifying the provided information.
  9. Review personal data and verify the provided information, either through third parties or through the administrative area of "GREENGATES SCHOOL";
  10. Create an educational profile for the provision of educational services;
  11. Take actions towards the contracting of insurance and benefits related to the provision of services;
  12. Manage procedures for the enrollment, cancellation, or modification of insurance and benefits;
  13. Manage and deliver your credential that identifies you as a student of "GREENGATES SCHOOL
  14. Create a student profile and assign a registration number;
  15. Manage physical access to the facilities of "GREENGATES SCHOOL";
  16. Manage, generate, and deliver required certificates;
  17. Comply with requests from authorities;
  18. Manage billing and corresponding collection processes;
  19. Communicate events in which "GREENGATES SCHOOL" is involved;
  20. Have photographic and/or video evidence of the execution of events, conferences, meetings, and gatherings;
  21. Use your personal image (whether in the form of photographs, videos, or any other similar medium) for internal and external publications related to the services provided by "GREENGATES SCHOOL";
  22. Process educational validation procedures with governmental or private entities;
  23. Manage school exchanges with national and/or foreign educational institutions;
  24. Manage and control the assignment of institutional email;
  25. Attendance control;
  26. Development and publication of advertising with your identification data;
  27. In case of being on the premises of "GREENGATES SCHOOL" and experiencing any accident or medical emergency, provide the necessary assistance.
  28. Through the video surveillance system, ensure the safety of individuals and facilities at "GREENGATES SCHOOL" and, if necessary, be able to identify individuals in the event of any violation of legal rights;
  29. Implement necessary measures in accordance with the guidelines established by health and labor authorities to facilitate collaboration with "GREENGATES SCHOOL";
  30. Comply with applicable legal requirements.
  31. Furthermore, if the data subject does not object, "GREENGATES SCHOOL" will process their Personal Data for the following secondary purposes:
  32. For the improvement and promotion of the school environment and atmosphere, such as disseminating congratulations and other celebrations on special days and academic achievements.
  33. Use your personal image (whether photo, video, etc.) for the creation of informative and promotional material;
  34. Invite you to non-compulsory events organized by "GREENGATES SCHOOL" for its students or parents and/or guardians;
  35. For conducting surveys, evaluations, references, and necessary information regarding "GREENGATES SCHOOL";
  36. To promote the academic, research, sports, cultural, recreational, and social life events organized by "GREENGATES SCHOOL".
  37. The creation and implementation of analytical and statistical processes.

In the collection and processing of personal data that you provide to us, we comply with all the principles established in Article 6 of the Law: legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and responsibility. Therefore, based on Articles 13 and 14 of the Law, "GREENGATES SCHOOL" undertakes to maintain strict confidentiality of personal data, as well as to maintain administrative, technical, and physical security measures to protect them against any damage, loss, alteration, unauthorized access, or processing.


Personal data may be transferred and processed within and outside the country, without commercial purposes and only for the purpose of fulfilling the objectives and obligations of "GREENGATES SCHOOL". Under no circumstances will we commercialize, sell, or rent personal information about you to a third party without your prior consent.

For the purposes herein, we inform you that, based on this Privacy Policy and/or as stipulated in your corresponding Contract for the Provision of Educational Services with "GREENGATES SCHOOL", you provide your express authorization to publish material such as photographs, works, reviews, and videos of institutional events in which our esteemed students and parents appear, solely for the purpose of dissemination in advertising, academic, or promotional materials, both physical and digital, on social media, websites, or official profiles of "GREENGATES SCHOOL”.

The personal data you provide to "GREENGATES SCHOOL" may be compiled and stored in a database owned exclusively by the school. If you do not express opposition to the transfer of your data through the means we inform you of and make available to you in terms of this Privacy Policy, it will be understood that you have consented to the transfer of your personal data.

d) Exercise of the Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition (ARCO).

It is important to inform you that you have the right to know what personal data "GREENGATES SCHOOL" possesses about you, for what purposes they are used, and the conditions of use (Access). Likewise, it is your right to request the correction of your personal information if it is outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete (Rectification); to have your data deleted from records or databases when you consider that it is not being used in accordance with the principles, duties, and obligations provided for in the regulations (Cancellation); as well as to oppose the use of personal data for specific purposes (Opposition).


In accordance with the provisions of Article 22, 29, and other related and applicable articles of the Law, the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition regarding your personal data can be done by sending your request directly to the Personal Data Attention Area through the email address:


The request must contain at least the following:

  1. Name of the Personal Data Holder.
  2. Email address for receiving notifications.
  3. Documents proving their identity or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the holder.
  4. A clear and precise description of the personal data regarding which the right is sought to be exercised, as well as the right that is intended to be exercised.
  5. Any other element or document that facilitates the location of the personal data. If the request does not meet any of the requirements mentioned above, the person from the Personal Data Area may, within 5 days of receiving the request, request the necessary elements or documents to process it. You will have 10 days to comply with the request. If no response is provided within that period, the corresponding request will be deemed not to have been submitted.

The response deadlines shall be a maximum of 20 days from the date the request is received to communicate the determination adopted. If the response is favorable, you must comply with it within 15 days following the issuance of the response. In order to protect your confidentiality, "GREENGATES SCHOOL" will send the response to your request to the email address provided for this purpose and will keep it available to the requester at the address indicated in this notice.

You may initiate the ARCO rights protection procedure before the National Institute of Transparency (INAI) within 15 days following the date "GREENGATES SCHOOL" responds to your request or, if the deadline set by law has passed and no response has been provided.

e) Control and Security of Personal Information.


"GREENGATES SCHOOL" is committed to taking the necessary measures to protect the collected information, using security technologies and control procedures to limit access, use, or disclosure of your personal information without authorization. For example, we store the provided personal information on servers located in Data Centers that have limited access controls. For online transactions, we also use security technologies to protect the personal information transmitted to us through various electronic means.


However, no security system or data transmission system over which the company does not have absolute control and/or depends on the internet can guarantee complete security. Therefore, "GREENGATES SCHOOL" will not be responsible for breaches of the security of your personal data and confidential information that are not attributable to the educational institution if such breaches occur in an environment over which "GREENGATES SCHOOL" does not have total control.

f) Electronic Means and Cookies.

In the event that you use electronic means regarding your personal data, cookies will be generated to provide you with a better service.

Cookies are small pieces of information sent by the website to your browser. They are stored on your computer's storage unit (hard drive, solid-state drive) and are used to determine your preferences when you connect to our site's services, as well as to track certain behaviors or activities carried out by you within our sites.


The website is hosted on SITECORE, which is Nord Anglia's foundational platform for the entire group. Upon entering the school's website, the user may choose to accept or decline the use of cookies. If accepted, tracking will be enabled.


In some sections of our site, we require that the client enable cookies as some functionalities require them to work. Cookies allow us to: a) recognize you when you enter our sites, b) know the personal settings of the site specified by you, for example, cookies allow us to detect the bandwidth you have selected when entering the home page of our sites, so we know what type of information is advisable to download, c) calculate the size of our audience and measure some traffic parameters, as each browser that accesses our sites acquires a cookie that is used to determine the frequency of use and the sections of the sites visited, thus reflecting your habits and preferences, information that is useful for us to improve the content and headlines.

The personal data you provide may be compiled and stored in a database owned exclusively by "GREENGATES SCHOOL". It is important to note that cookies may be used to confirm your identification, personalize your access to the "GREENGATES SCHOOL" Site, and review your usage, solely for the purpose of improving your navigation and functionality conditions. However, please be aware that no personal data of users is collected through these cookies in terms of the Law. The "GREENGATES SCHOOL" Site contains links to other external sites, the content and privacy policies of which are not the responsibility of "GREENGATES SCHOOL". Therefore, users may be subject to the privacy policies of those other sites, without any liability on the part of "GREENGATES SCHOOL"

g) Opposition and means to limit the use or disclosure of personal data.

In accordance with the Privacy Policy Guidelines, you have the option to express your refusal to continue allowing the use or disclosure of your personal data by "GREENGATES SCHOOL". To do so, you can follow the procedure outlined in this Privacy Policy and meet the requirements contained in section d), second paragraph. Your request will be addressed in accordance with the terms established in this Privacy Policy.

h) The supervisory authority.

If the holder believes that their right to the protection of their Personal Data has been infringed upon by any action or omission by 'GREENGATES SCHOOL', or suspects any violation of the provisions in the Federal Law on Personal Data Held by Private Parties, its Regulations, and other applicable regulations, they may file their complaint or report to the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information, and Personal Data Protection (INAI). For more information, we suggest visiting its official website

i) Changes to this Privacy Policy

"GREENGATES SCHOOL" reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time. In the event of substantial changes, users will be notified by posting a visible notice on our website.

For your safety, please feel free to consult the content of this privacy policy on our website available at whenever you desire.