We’re delighted to welcome you to our outstanding learning community of over 45 nationalities that speaks over 15 languages.


At Greengates School, we celebrate what makes your child unique. We give every child and family tailored attention, as part of our  commitment to individualised learning that brings the best of British and international academics to life.

From our home within greater Mexico City, a key feature of our private international school is that we also shape a culture of values. We enrich every learning experience through responsibility, inclusivity, respect, and empathy.
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Greengates is the proud home of over 45 nationalities. Although we’re a selective private school, Greengates Admissions will accept children from diverse educational backgrounds arriving from anywhere in the world. 

Over a third of our school is made up of long-term, locally based students, while the majority include newcomers and international families – who we warmly embrace during every admissions cycle.

With our world-renowned academics, no matter where your child starts, we’ll successfully prepare them for further study at the world’s best universities.


To apply to Greengates School, here’s what to do next.
Give us a call, send us an email, or submit our online inquiry form, so we can learn more about your child and your family. 
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Step 1
Visit our campus
We encourage you to visit our state-of-the-art campus, or if you’re not yet in Mexico, we’d be delighted to meet you through a virtual discovery meeting. You’ll speak with our teachers and staff and imagine your child accelerating within our stimulating environment.
Step 2
Apply for a place
Please complete and submit your online application, uploading the required documents. 
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Step 3
Get immersed in Greengates
Through our ‘Discover Greengates’ programme, your child will get ready to spend time at our school, as we help them become adjusted to their new environment, before completing the admissions process.
Step 4


We have a rolling admissions calendar at Greengates, so your family can apply at any time during the academic year, and our Admissions team will be able to coordinate a start date according to your planned arrival in Mexico City.

As a private school, we’re able to customise your child’s induction process, although we do have a formal ‘induction period’ for new families at the start of each academic year.


The Greengates’ Admissions team is very happy to help you with any questions you have throughout the application process. Please see our entry requirements to prepare the documents to complete your child’s application – and we’re always here if you have any questions along the way.
As a reminder, please upload:
  • a copy of your child’s birth certificate
  • a copy of your child’s passport
  • immunisation records
  • transcripts or report cards
  • a teacher’s recommendation
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Greengates is a unique learning environment known for its academic excellence, global vision, and diversity. We’re the only school in Mexico that supports our students to complete the full IB Diploma Programme to graduate.
Steven Machson
Director of Admissions, Greengates School


  • How many students are there in each year group?
    Each year group has between 22 and 26 students. This allows us to maximise individualised attention from teachers.

    Learn more about how we teach.
  • What's the language of instruction at Greengates?
    We’re proud that our language of instruction is English across all courses for international students. Both international and national programme students learn all STEM courses in English. However, students in the national program take humanities and social sciences in Spanish, while international students take their courses in English.

    We also have Spanish and French language classes. 

    We offer English Language Support for students who require additional assistance with their immersion into English. 
  • What are the curricula at Greengates?
    Greengates Primary School is a fully accredited International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) and International Primary Curriculum (IPC) School. Nursery to Year 1 study the IEYC, while Years 2 to 6 study the IPC.

    Not only has Greengates been the first school to achieve IEYC and IPC accreditation in Mexico; it’s also been one of the first to achieve both Primary and Early Years accreditation in Latin America. The IEYC and IPC are part of the International Curriculum Association (ICA), which has been developing children’s learning in schools worldwide since 1984. 

    In Years 10 and 11, students prepare for IGCSE examinations administered by Cambridge Assessment International Education. Students choose their subjects and specialities, while following a balanced framework that includes English, mathematics, Spanish, and science.

    In Years 12 and 13, all students follow the IB Diploma Programme, a curriculum designed to stretch the best of university-bound Secondary students using international benchmarks of excellence. Our Diploma Programme’s pass rate has been between 98 to 100% in recent years, well above the global average. We’re the only school in Mexico that requires all students to earn the full diploma.

    Discover more about our academic excellence.
  • Does Greengates offer Special Educational Needs (SEN) services?
    We can support students with mild SEN at Greengates School. We integrate students who are receiving SEN services fully to all classes and may require parents to provide the support of an assistant, depending on the child’s needs. 

    Not all students requiring SEN services can have their needs met within the existing resources of our school. SEN may include learning difficulties, delayed development, physical disability, or behavioural or emotional issues. 

    Our school-based assessment on SEN involves the class teacher, deputy Head of Primary pastoral, Head of Primary, our school counsellor, and an external evaluator. In Secondary school, we have two counsellors with master’s degrees in clinical psychology/counselling and specialised training in special education for students in Years 7 to 13. 
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Join us at Greengates to invest in your child’s academic excellence within a multicultural environment. We’ll help your child prepare for their outstanding future, where they’ll eventually choose from the best universities and career paths, globally.

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