Greengates’ facilities have been designed to challenge your child through rigorous academics and activities, so they’ll be stimulated to achieve more than they imagined ever possible.
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Our smartly decorated and equipped specialty rooms, alongside all our classrooms and other facilities, have been spaciously designed for great ‘individualisation’. 

Your child will have everything they need to advance at their own pace and can pursue their strengths and talents at great depth – with targeted support from their teacher.
Our facilities include:
  • Nine science labs, four high-tech computer labs, and a media centre
  • Two music rooms, three theatres, art studios, and a photography room
  • Three libraries with a great range of books from all over the world
  • State-of-the-art sports and athletics facilities
  • Several natural green spaces and play areas
  • A cafeteria with daily healthy lunch options
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Greengates’ sports and athletics facilities give ample space to our students to explore, compete, and advance through their physical fitness, strength, and resilience. Our facilities are fully equipped to deliver our comprehensive sports curriculum that builds both individual and teamwork skills through age-appropriate teams, solo athletics, or recreational activities.

Our competitive teams are in volleyball, football (soccer), basketball, and rugby. We also support swimming, cross-country, climbing, gymnastics, tennis, badminton, and more.
Our facilities include:
  • A large, colourful indoor gym with a five-meter-high climbing wall
  • An all-weather AstroTurf football and rugby field
  • Professionally maintained basketball courts
  • A covered indoor/outdoor swimming pool
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Our campus features many peaceful natural spaces, where we encourage our students to relax or play. These green spaces have been sculpted and designed to support students' wellbeing, both physically and mentally.
Our facilities include:
  • A leafy organic learning garden that our students look after
  • Many outdoor socialising areas with beautiful plants and flowers
  • The forest from Reforma Athletic Club
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We have outdoor play areas and an adventure playground for students of different age groups, all designed to encourage their imagination, curiosity, and growth. Supporting the play activities of International Early Years and Primary Curricula, our students can run, jump, climb, and collaborate through different games or tasks.

Our stunning ‘adventure playground’ is called Moctezuma’s Lion, designed by the renowned Mexican architect Javier Senosiain. It features different animals, including an axolot and snake and has tunnels, an observatory room, and slides. The stands out for its bright, colourful mosaics.
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Our impressive performing arts facilities allow our students to inspire, imagine, and create. Whether your child is expressing their creativity through drama, voice, music, or dance, Greengates is fully equipped to support their impressive productions and full performances.
Our facilities include:
  • A Blackbox theatre
  • A small theatre for 120 people
  • A large auditorium for 700 people
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At Greengates School, we celebrate what makes you unique. We welcome you to discover our school, where we’ll make sure that you and your child receive our closest attention – as part of our daily commitment to exceptional, individualised learning.

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