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Our international team of highly qualified, energetic, and experienced teachers help all our students build a lifelong love of learning at Greengates School. 

No matter where a child begins, our teachers can stimulate their mind and sharpen the skills they need to succeed in our world as an ambitious, confident, and inspired learner.  


Because of the small class sizes in our private school, our teachers can take a highly individualised approach with every child, recognising exactly where they need greater challenge or support in their studies. This close approach helps each child meet and surpass their targets, while our teachers tailor their instruction in the most suitable way for the child to achieve their best possible outcomes.

By Secondary School, our students advance through subjects that fit their interests and strengths, advancing more quickly where appropriate and receiving one-on-one tutorial support and interventions from our teachers when needed. Within small groups, they can quickly spot each student’s areas of challenge and provide targeted guidance. And because of this high level of personalised interaction, our students can achieve their full potential.


At Greengates, our teachers believe there’s no limit to a child’s potential. Within our small-group classes – and with a grounded British feel to the delivery of our curricula – our expert teachers challenge and support each child according to their unique ability. Our curricula have all been designed for flexibility within any given study area, so our teachers can individualise learning according to the child’s unique areas of development and strength – and use different materials or techniques accordingly.

From Primary School, teachers and students actively work together in setting the students’ own targets based on their strengths, challenges, and interests. Our teachers create an adaptable learning plan or ‘roadmap’ that outlines the steps needed to achieve those targets. 

By Secondary School, our one-to-one tutorials and interventions truly help our students delve deeper. At the time of preparing for IGCSEs and the IBDP, our high level of personalised interactions helps students build the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to thrive through these rigorous programmes. 


Greengates has the most diverse faculty of all schools in greater Mexico City, who bring outstanding local and international experience to our thriving environment. More than half of our staff have been recruited from around the world, reflecting the truly international nature of our school.
Daniel McKee
General Director
As Greengates’ General Director, Daniel McKee helps continue our school’s exceptional future. He helps to open worldwide opportunities for your child’s growth and achievement and lay the groundwork for their success in a globally connected future.
I’m delighted to be here at Greengates School. My first months here have been full of learning, conversation, and a sense of the history and trajectory of this fine school. 
I’ve come to Mexico after serving as the head of the Nord Anglia school in Panama, known as the MET, most recently. I’ve had a long path in education that has brought me here. 
When I took on the role as Head of School in Panama, they had just joined the Nord Anglia family too, and so, I lived through and led the integration. While such change can take a school out of its comfort zone, I can say without a doubt that coming into the Nord Anglia family was very good for our school, and I know it will be for Greengates as well. It made us a better school in every way, and it connected us to a tremendous network of schools, educators, and students around the world. By and large, change is good and change is inevitable. Importantly, we’re not alone but part of a robust, collaborative network of excellent schools worldwide.
What I’ve found in my time at Greengates so far is an exceptional school. The maturity, friendliness, and focus of the students are some of the first things I observed. Among the staff, there’s a strong, powerful vocation and a desire to help our young people become deep learners and good citizens. The team is eager to have dialogue, to innovate, and to create a school on a path of continuous improvement in pursuit of excellence. I have very high regard for our hard-working team at Greengates as well as the smart, committed students and parents of our community. 
You can count on me to give my all to the integration, as our school steps towards its future, while holding on to its very special history and identity as Greengates.
I’m delighted to be here. I look forward to meeting you.

Daniel McKee
General Director

Anthony Crewdson
Head of Primary
As a Head of Primary, Anthony brings to our institution a profound expertise. Before this pivotal role, Anthony served as the Deputy Head of Primary Curriculum, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to providing a strong foundation to our young learners with an inspiring bedrock of knowledge and skills.
Chris Woodall
Head of Secondary
As Head of Secondary at Greengates, Chris Woodall helps all students reach their full potential in academics and as global citizens, ready to succeed on the world stage.
I’d like to welcome everybody to Greengates Secondary School. My name is Chris Woodall, and I’m the Head of Secondary. I’ve been in Mexico since 2010. I originally started my educational career as a chemistry teacher. Then, I became the IGCSE coordinator. Finally, I moved into senior leadership as a deputy head before taking up my current role as the Head of Secondary School in 2018. I’m a British citizen from Liverpool in North West England, and I attended university in Liverpool and completed my teacher training there. I’ve been teaching since 2004, and most of this time, I’ve been teaching internationally in several countries. 
My main role as the Head of Secondary School is to help every student reach their full potential in academics and as global citizens whilst at Greengates School. The support we offer is not just academic but pastoral, which allows the students to develop in a well-rounded education system. I believe our strong communication between families and the Secondary school leadership team is essential for your children's development. 
Our international curriculum offers a wide variety of opportunities for all types of students with a grounded British feel to the delivery. Additionally, all our teachers and students share mutual respect, which enhances the fantastic learning environment we provide at Greengates School.

Chris Woodall 
Head of Secondary


As part of Nord Anglia Education, at Greengates School, we're able to recruit the best teachers in the world to instruct our students in Naucalpan de Juárez of greater Mexico City. Over half of our team is international, arriving with experience around the world and UK Qualified Teacher Status or equivalent. This means they're experienced in delivering high quality, individualised lessons that strategically guide our students in achieving the greatest academic success. 

Complementing our international teachers, our national teachers also bring their outstanding academic backgrounds and extensive experience – which they show beyond Greengates when they’re often invited to deliver guest lectures at conferences hosted by top national and international universities.
Through Nord Anglia Education, we’re delighted to give all our teachers opportunities to advance in their profession. These include:
  • The opportunity to earn an Executive Master’s in International Education from King’s College London, one of the world's best universities.
  • World-class trainings and resources from Nord Anglia University, shaped by global experts.
  • In-person training with globally leading organisations, including MIT and Juilliard, in  STEAM and the performing arts.


Greengates teachers' standards are among the top in the world, supported by Nord Anglia Education's global team of experts that shape Greengates' academics, school quality, accreditation, and safeguarding. While our teachers regularly meet among themselves to share best practices, Nord Anglia's Education Advisory Board also boosts us with personalised recommendations on trainings, tools, and resources from Nord Anglia University. 

We also have global accreditations from the International Early Years and Primary Curricula, IGCSE, and IB Diploma Programme at Greengates, which all verify that we're continually meeting the highest possible standards, globally. Certification from the International Baccalaureate (IB) is especially rigorous, as our teachers must be further qualified and specifically trained in their IBDP subjects. This certification ensures our students are advancing under teachers who thoroughly understand the IBDP’s specific approach, methodology, and assessment.


Greengates teachers guide students to strategically develop their technical skills in ways that add value to their projects and experiences. Whether they’re learning processes in our photography darkroom or digital research techniques on their laptops, our teachers help our students build toolboxes that support their skills across innovation, creativity, communication, critical thinking, or problem-solving, to name a few.

Within the next couple of years, Greengates will continue to upgrade technology for teaching and learning, following a $2 million investment plan. Our students will accelerate through increased individualised learning experiences, guided by our teachers and balanced by many collaboration opportunities.
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