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At Greengates School, we have a thriving multicultural community north of Mexico City in Naucalpan de Juárez, built upon values like responsibility, empathy, and respect, as we guide our students towards more than they ever thought possible. We complement our inclusive culture with rigorous, world-renowned curricula led by expert teachers and enable every child to advance through global benchmarks that open worldwide opportunities.
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A school is much more than a formal curriculum and varied co-curricular programme. It is a place where values, ethos and inclusion work together to create a caring, stimulating environment in which children and young adults can grow into the most confident versions of themselves.
Eamonn Mullally
Greengates General Director
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At Greengates, our high-quality teachers bring the best of British and international academics to life. Greengates is the only fully accredited school in Mexico to deliver the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) and International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for our youngest students. Our students proceed through the English National Curriculum, International Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), and eventually, the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), similar to entry levels of study at universities around the world.

Culminating in the world-renowned IBDP, we’ll help your child prepare for an outstanding future, from one building block to the next, so they can choose from the best universities and career routes, globally. Our graduates regularly attend top universities in the UK, US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and many also receive thousands in scholarships each year, in response to their achievement. 
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At Greengates, we’re shaping a generation of creative and resilient global citizens who will change our world for the better. Through our measured values and pursuit of excellence in international academics, our students are getting ready for success in our globally connected future.
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Academic excellence
Greengates School is recognised in Mexico and internationally for its long legacy of high academic standards. Through our world-renowned curricula, led by expert teachers, we give our students the best preparation for the highest academic outcomes.
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Academic excellence
At Greengates, we bring the best of British and international academics to life. As the only fully accredited school in Mexico to deliver the International Early Years and Primary Curricula with our youngest learners, our students become well prepared to eventually advance through IGCSEs in Upper Secondary School. All students then culminate their studies with the full International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) – globally recognised as a gold standard for high quality, rigour, and overall academic excellence. 

Once our students get ready to culminate their studies through the prestigious IBDP, they have everything they need to prepare for an outstanding future that involves choosing from the best universities and career routes, globally. In 2022, consistent with Greengates’ performance over the past decade, our students’ average score of 33.7 was above the global average of 31.98, competitively showing how our students have been outperforming their peers worldwide. The top 16% of Greengates students achieved 40 points – qualifying them for the world’s very best colleges and universities – and an exceptional 5% achieved a perfect score of 45 points, which less than 1% of graduating students achieve on the IBDP, globally.  

Many of our students continue their studies at top universities in the UK, US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, following their passions and interests. They also receive thousands in scholarships to attend – and sometimes from multiple universities in two or more countries. Some of their destinations have included Cornell University, The University of Manchester, Boston University, University of British Columbia, Duke University, McGill University, and Northwestern University, among many others.
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The world's best teachers
Our high-quality teachers at Greengates uphold best-in-class standards and make all the difference in our students’ advancement and future. While more than half are internationally recruited professionals, all our teachers have exceptional qualifications and expertise.
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The world's best teachers
Through Nord Anglia Education, we recruit the most qualified and talented teachers in the world, who enrich our multicultural community with their international experience and global awareness. With over half of our team coming from other nations and cultures, we have the most diverse faculty of all schools in greater Mexico City. They help our students to get immersed in English, with it being the language of instruction, while embracing a highly inclusive school culture around multilingualism, too.

Our teachers follow our strict safeguarding policy, and all hold UK Qualified Teacher Status or the equivalent in international titles. They have strong academic backgrounds and extensive experience. They’re also committed to growing professionally, through opportunities with Nord Anglia University, world-class collaborations with MIT and The Juilliard School, and continuous upgrades to teaching the specific curricula of the IBDP, IGCSE, IPC, and IEYC, recognised worldwide.

Our teachers believe there’s no limit to a child’s potential. Within our small-sized classes, and with a grounded British feel to the delivery of our curricula, our teachers challenge and support each child according to their unique ability, rather than their age. Our curricula have been designed for flexibility within any given study area, so our teachers can individualise learning according to each child’s areas of development and strength – and use different materials or techniques to help them achieve their best. Our teachers’ strategic approach, alongside their expertise and rich experience in the curriculum, allows our students to make tremendous advancements and go beyond what they imagined possible.
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Outstanding learning experiences
Our students have memorable experiences beyond the classroom. They get immersed in afternoon activities, local trips around Mexico City, or even international travels, in Nord Anglia’s ‘Global Games’. These experiences help shape our students’ resilience and holistic growth.
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Outstanding learning experiences
At Greengates School, we enliven the creativity and resilience of every student through memorable experiences that expand their understanding of the world. To give them the tools and skills they need to succeed, we design our students’ learning experiences beyond the classroom in ways that enrich their character, create opportunities that fuel their wellbeing, and ignite their commitment to advancing in the classroom. 

Our students discover their passions and deepen their interests in several ways: daily afternoon activities, trips or excursions, learning experiences with world-class organisations, and service opportunities within communities. No matter which activity your child jumps into, it's been carefully designed to give them important skills and to foster meaningful exchanges that they can reflect upon. For example, afternoon activities in sport build our students' resilience and teamwork skills, while other activities in arts and academics build their creativity and innovation. In Nord Anglia's sporting competition between international schools called the ‘Global Games’, your child can even apply and strengthen those skills, like creativity and collaboration, while representing Greengates. This fun athletics challenge also allows our students to make friends with other Nord Anglia students from around the world. 

Through all these experiences, we help our students manage their rapid growth and wellbeing. Respecting and valuing that each child is different, we tend to different aspects of their physical, emotional, and social health. For example, in Primary School, they explore the potential impact they can make in the world through Personal and Social Education classes, while they may simultaneously enrich their physical health on their athletics team. By Secondary School, each child meets daily with their Form Tutor, who helps to strengthen their relationships, build trust, and nurture their independence.
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The Nord Anglia Education family
Students, families, teachers, and staff all come together to celebrate our vibrant multicultural community at Greengates School. As part of the global Nord Anglia Education family, we especially cherish our diversity and expand our global awareness.
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The Nord Anglia Education family
At Greengates School, we make respect, empathy, and responsibility common values that we share across our multicultural community of over 45 nationalities and 15 languages. We recognise each child’s individuality and celebrate what makes every family unique, fostering an inclusive culture where diversity is our strongest feature. It’s the cornerstone of how our children thrive within our international environment. Our embrace also extends to the global Nord Anglia family of international schools, where our families can seamlessly transfer to another premier school if they move to another country in the future.

Every year, Greengates’ biggest event is our International Fair, where we learn about each child’s identity and share traditions from all over the world. Our international teachers especially enhance this event, as they show their own heritage and global awareness within our mix of local and international traditions. Learning about and respecting people from different cultures, beliefs, and religions at Greengates helps us connect across our shared humanity and gain insights into real experiences of navigating the world.

Our House system also helps students connect with each other across their year groups, different cultural backgrounds, and interests. A tradition of British heritage, our House system puts all students and staff into one of four Houses (Foulkes, Whitbourn, Brightman, and Edinburgh), where they collaborate across different activities and challenges. With a healthy, competitive spirit, our Houses bring everyone together through a shared identity and cause, helping to create meaningful relationships.
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Our social purpose
Our students build their responsibility towards others through service and charity initiatives. By the time they study the IBDP, they also take the lead through projects that show their creativity, activity, and service (‘CAS’) to benefit a community of their choice.
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Our social purpose
At Greengates, students discover they can help create to a better world through a variety of activities and service opportunities. Every year, our students support different charities, working closely with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to fundraise support for others' needs or important causes. Our students take a role in selecting the charities, allowing each child to take a hand in making an impactful decision within a community.

By Secondary School, our students become drivers of activities through the ‘CAS’ component (Creativity, Activity, Service) of the IB Diploma Programme. Through CAS, they build their social responsibility in local or global communities, teaching English to disadvantaged youth, collecting and donating resources from our school to other school children, or raising donations for victims of natural disasters, for example. These opportunities increase our students' social awareness around others' needs and builds their character to become more well-rounded, value-driven individuals. 

Our eldest students in the IB Diploma Programme even build their leadership by serving as role models to our younger students. IBDP students work alongside Primary students as part of their reading programme and tutor lower secondary students, for example. Through mentorship and CAS projects, our IBDP students model how to give back and actively participate in our community and the world beyond.
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An advanced learning environment
At Greengates, our advanced learning environment will encourage your child to achieve more. From our state-of-the-art facilities to our technology-enabled spaces, we’ll challenge your child across many academic areas and activities beyond the classroom, too. 
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An advanced learning environment
Our expansive, well-resourced campus has been designed to challenge your child through many rigorous academics and activities, so they’ll be encouraged to achieve more than they ever imagined possible. We have bright, colourful school buildings and outdoor spaces – loosely arranged around the Greengates sports field – that encourage students to seamlessly flow from one activity to the next. Indoors, our smartly decorated and equipped specialty rooms, alongside all our classrooms, have been spaciously designed for great individualisation and exploration of talents, within our small class sizes. 

Students get active across our state-of-the-art athletics facilities, natural green spaces, and play areas. Our facilities include a gym with a five-meter-high climbing wall, professionally maintained basketball courts and football field, and an outdoor swimming pool. Your child has ample space to explore, play, and grow and can take part in individual or team sports. Our natural spaces complement these facilities as places to relax or recharge – including our organic learning garden, outdoor socialising areas, and the forest from the Reforma Athletic Club. Among our young learners, we have several outdoor play areas and an adventure playground designed by renowned Mexican architect Javier Senosiain.

We also encourage our students' curiosity and creativity in numerous spaces designed for the sciences and arts. Our nine highly equipped science labs for STEAM learning create countless opportunities for problem-solving, supported by the latest equipment and technology. We also have four high-tech computer labs and a media centre to support students' growth through technical skills. In the visual arts, students have many resources to innovate in our three studios and photography studio with a dark room. In the performing arts, they have two inspiring music rooms and three state-of-the-art theatres for drama, voice, and dance: a Blackbox theatre, a small theatre for 120 people, and a new large auditorium for 700 people. 
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We offer a highly personalised admissions process and are here to help you every step of the way.
  • Contact us today to start your family's journey at Greengates.
  • Join us for a personalised tour of campus or virtual discovery meeting.
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  • Get immersed in Greengates!


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At Greengates School, we give your child everything they need for success. Following the best of British and international academics, we’ll help your child prepare for an outstanding future, where they’ll choose from the best universities and career paths, globally.

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